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Welcome to Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form

Headmaster's Welcome

Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form is the home of the most diligent and hardworking individuals in our city and its surrounding areas. Dynamic and unapologetically academic, it is unlike any other Sixth Form in Sheffield. Our unquestionable purpose is to provide a Sixth Form with scholarship at its heart, maintaining an unrelenting focus on strong academic performance. Our key aim is to help our scholars attend the great universities in the UK and abroad and thrive in high-quality, professional careers.

To succeed at Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form, you need to work hard and persevere when faced with challenges. This Sixth Form appeals to those who want to achieve great things in their lives, exciting those who do not mind making sacrifices in the pursuit of true excellence. Hard work is the unmovable bedrock of success – if you don’t want to work, then Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form is not for you.

At Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form, you are challenged and stretched to exceed your potential. Our truly exceptional teachers have been there and done it; they know how to access the very best universities in the country. They have all attended outstanding institutions and are academically gifted in their own right – providing the teaching expertise and advanced subject knowledge required to help you achieve A* results in a range of subjects.

Limited places are available at Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form. Gaining a place requires a level of commitment not needed when applying to other Sixth Forms. Our culture is king, and those seeking to join us must understand what they are signing up for. Our reputation is true, and we are proud of it. If you want to be part of something special, working with superb teachers within a scholarly community, then Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form is for you. If you have ambitions to attend Oxbridge or another Elite University, joining Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will put you at a distinct advantage.

All applicants to Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form need to share in our ambition; a quest for good grades is simply not enough. Our scholars require an unquenchable thirst for academic exploration and must desire success. We provide a holistic educational experience that prepares you for the challenges of the real world. Our exciting Super Curriculum and Elite University Preparation are essential for high performance.

We are excited by the prospect of becoming one of the nation's leading academic providers. If you are driven by social events and common rooms, then this is not the Sixth Form for you. While these important elements will be in place, they do not define our offer. We are defined by scholarship and an implacable drive towards academic success. Our scholars give everything they have to achieve outstanding results and attend the best universities in the world.

Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form serves all individuals, from all backgrounds, from every postcode in Sheffield. Our unique offer is designed to drive social mobility, tackling the performance gaps that exist in Sheffield. By attending Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form, you give yourself the very best chance of success, which could be genuinely life-changing.

If you share our vision, your application to Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form is most welcome.

Our school motto, 'Scientia Unescamus,' means 'Let us be United by Knowledge.' We must continue to be united, so our scholars fulfil their educational potential. We place high value on the relationship between the school and home. It is essential this reciprocal partnership continues.

I am incredibly excited about what our scholars can achieve, both now and in the future. 

Mr D. F. Webster  

Director of Sixth Form's Welcome

At Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form, we are a community of scholars: motivated and highly aspirational pupils who are all willing to ‘go the extra mile’ to better ourselves for the future. Successful scholars here enjoy a challenging but rewarding two years of learning. To ensure success, all scholars are well supported by their experienced, compassionate teachers. Together, we will do brilliant things.

As an Elite Sixth Form, our entry requirements are higher than most providers. We expect applicants to have achieved a GCSE Grade 7 in the A Level courses of study they wish to pursue. Prospective applicants will also sit entrance exams and have a short interview with subject specialists. During these assessments, we want pupils to demonstrate not just their current high level of knowledge, but also their drive and commitment towards their future studies. Although potentially nerve-wracking, this process should be an exciting and valuable one – certainly not one to worry about! And once an offer to study has been made, then applicants can be reassured that the community they are joining is similarly motivated and supportive. Present scholars found the process empowering and felt it strengthened their motivation.

Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form does not, and will not, appeal to all. We are very different and our commitment to academia may not be as attractive to all. Our unrelenting focus is on education and the quest for knowledge and academic reward. Our scholars share this ambition and part of our process is to ensure we are aligned with our aspirations.

If you are a Year 11 pupil expecting to achieve strong GCSE grades, looking to push yourself to your full potential and aiming for an Elite Russell Group University, then you should seriously consider applying. In return for your appetite for learning, we will provide not only the very best teachers and study facilities, but also push you beyond the traditional curriculum to ensure you and your application to university stand out from the crowd. Our offer is more than subject-based, it is experienced-based.

As you read through the prospectus, and view the website, please take the time to reflect on what you want from your post-16 education. If you are genuinely ambitious – to study in top universities and to work in prestigious professions – and willing to work hard for it, then Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form should be your first choice of destination, so we can secure your ultimate choice of destination.

Ms R Hollingsworth