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The Professional Schools

Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form scholars aspire to study in the most prestigious professions. We will support this with a bespoke curriculum advancing admission to the most competitive university courses and the professions beyond. When accepted into Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form, scholars will apply to join one of our Professional Schools: Medicine and Dentistry, Law, Architecture and Engineering, Finance and Arts.

These will have a dedicated team of experts who will support all scholars by providing:

  1. Work placement support in Sheffield and the surrounding areas
  2. Bespoke support for university entrance exams, including The Sixth Term Examination Paper (STEP), The Test of Mathematics for University Admission (TMUA), The Maths Admissions Test (MAT) and, for medical coaching towards BMAT and UCAT.
  3. Panel and interview practice, led by professionals and undergraduates who either sit on interviewing panels or have a deep knowledge of the process.
  4. Lectures delivered by undergraduates studying at leading universities providing application support/advice and insight into contemporary issues and ideas.
  5. Weekly Oxbridge tutorials for pupils applying to study at Oxford or Cambridge.

Ultimately, the ambition of Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form is to provide a rigorous preparation to secure entrance to the top universities. Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will appeal to those pupils who are equally as ambitious as we are. Our longer school day and Mastery Curriculum will ensure our offer is fully supportive and effective.