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The MCSF Curriculum

The Core Curriculum

All pupils will study for either:  

  • 3 A Levels and an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), the content of which can be decided in the Autumn Term; or  
  • 4 A Levels with an optional EPQ.  

For each A Level studied, pupils will enjoy 5 hours of direct teaching per week. The choice of A Levels is a very important decision. As you make the decision, consideration of the following will be useful: 

  1. A level subjects needed for a particular degree course; 
  1. Your interest in a particular subject; 
  1. Ability in and aptitude for a subject; and 
  1. Subjects which complement each other e.g. Economics, Politics & History 

It is vital that you think and research carefully before finalising your decisions. As you make the decision, Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will be on hand to offer any advice you might require. Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will only offer A levels. The full subject offer is as follows: 

Mathematics                             Religion, Philosophy, Ethics
Further Mathematics Geography 
English Literature Politics
Biology  Economics
Chemistry  Psychology
Physics Computer Science
History  Art 
French Music

The Super Curriculum and Symposium Series

If you attend the Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form, super curricular engagement is not optional – studying beyond the scope of A Level courses will be part and parcel of life at Mercia. Our prospectus will provide detail on the extra seminars, programmes and competitions that will be relevant to each subject. Such sessions will be timetabled as part of the school’s longer school day. Please read subject pages closely to appreciate what will be expected of you as a pupil at Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form.

A key part of the super curricular offer will be our Symposium Series. We are aware that the opportunities for broad debate, led by high profile visitors from a wide range of fields, are essential experiences for A Level pupils. It is commonplace for leading Sixth Form Centres in the south-east to receive regular visits from the country’s leading politicians, academics and businesspeople. We will seek to provide the same opportunities with our Symposium Series.  

Our dedicated team will challenge some of the nation’s highest profile individuals northwards, providing our pupils with high profile guest speakers from the world of academia and industry to share their knowledge and experiences.  

Our Symposium Series will be a cornerstone of the enriching offer received by pupils, designed to enhance our super curriculum and provide our pupils with an alternative perspective to some of the material they will be exposed to during their lessons. It is our intention to invite leading politicians, economists, scientists, historians, journalists and others to the Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form.