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School Performance

Mercia School received its first set of GCSE results in August 2023. A thorough dataset outlining our results can be found on the government’s website here.

You can compare all schools' and colleges' performance here.

Some headlines that we are especially proud of:

Progress 8: +2.23 (England average: -0.03)

This figure placed us 3rd in England and means pupils at Mercia make over 2 full grades more progress than the peers in an ‘average’ secondary school. 

Progress 8 (disadvantaged): +2.18 (England average non-disadvantaged: + 0.17)

Pleasingly, there was no gap between our disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged cohorts. 

Attainment 8 score: 69.9 (England average: 46.2)

This means that the average grade achieved by Mercia pupils was Grade 7.

EBACC Average Point Score: 6.95 (England average: 4.05)

This means, on average, pupils achieve Grade 7 in the EBACC suite of subjects. 100% of our pupils are entered for EBACC (English, Maths, Science, Geography/History, a Modern Foreign Language).

Grade 5 in English and Maths: 90% (England average: 45%)

Grade 4 in English and Maths: 97%  (England average: 65%)