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Our Offer

The Core Curriculum

All scholars study for either:  

  • 3 A Levels and an Extended Project Qualification (EPQ), the content of which can be decided in the Autumn Term; or  
  • 4 A Levels 

The choice of A Levels is a very important decision. Any applicant should consider:

  1. A level subjects needed for a particular degree course; 
  1. Your interest in a particular subject; 
  1. Ability in and aptitude for a subject; and 
  1. Subjects which complement each other e.g. Economics, Politics & History 

It is vital that you think and research carefully before finalising your decisions. As you make the decision, Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will be on hand to offer any advice you might require, that is one reason why our Open Events are vital to attend.

Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will only offer A Levels. The full subject offer is as follows: 

Art Geography 
Biology  History 
Chemistry  Mathematics
Computer Science  Music
Economics  Politics
English Literature  Physics
French Psychology 
Further Mathematics  Philosophy, Religion and Ethics (RPE)

Our Wider Offer 

Our scholars complete a longer school day at Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form. We not only offer our Mastery Curriculum tailored to final destinations, but we also continue our enrichment offer. Scholars are already undertaking a range of experiences that complement their academic achievements. The Professional Schools offer a substantial programme of super curricular events tailored for their respective faculties.

Scholars are widely encouraged to contribute to the school community through the Arts/Sports Award programmes, enrichment visits and fieldwork opportunities. Ensuring that scholars are fully immersed in our culture has also ensured that they are fully ready to embrace all that university affords them - societies and the wider social side of learning and community. Scholars are already thriving in our wider offer of opportunities. These are unrivalled.

We also timetable supervised study periods. We expect non-teaching time to be well used and an opportunity to develop independence and wider learning. Scholars complete independent study, collaborative study or are involved in Arts and Sports Awards. The day is maximised, so scholars can do more.