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Equipment list

Key points

School bag

A black Mercia rucksack from School Trends.

School diary

Provided by the school.

Replacements will need to be purchased by parents at a cost of £5 if the diary is lost, damaged or defaced.

A robust pencil case that is plain and clear.

This must contain:

  • Black pen x3
  • Green pen x3
  • Pencil x3
  • A sharpener
  • An eraser

All available in a stationery shop or large supermarket.


This must be 30cm long.


A4 Spiral-bound sketchpad of cartridge drawing paper x 1

2B Pencil x 1

4B Pencil x 1

Geometry kit for mathematics and geography

Most standard sets contain:

  • A protractor;
  • A pair of compasses;
  • An eraser;
  • A sharpener.

These need not be expensive and are available in any stationery store or large supermarket.

A calculator

Casio fx-85GT PLUS

A reading book

This must be brought to school every day. The school library should be used where necessary to obtain a book.

A note book

A place to make additional notes in Mastery Time and enrichment.