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We treat every learner as an individual. We know that all pupils have a range of different needs and face different challenges, but we believe all pupils are able to reach the very highest levels of academic study.

Whilst we are an academic school, we are non-selective and welcome all pupils from our south-west Sheffield catchment.  Whatever a pupil's ability, SEN need, language need or postcode may be, we believe they can all achieve - and achieve well.

It is our aim to ensure that every pupil in the school can fulfil their potential. Every teacher uses traditional teaching methods in the classroom, they ensure that all pupils are highly challenged by academic work which motivates and inspires all pupils.

​​Our knowledge-rich core curriculum is carefully designed to ensure all pupils make superb progress in a broad suite of subjects. We will support all learners to thrive in this environment.

To support all pupils in their academic studies, we seek to show them the 'long term' picture. We hold the strong belief that the vast majority of pupils at Mercia School can go on to enjoy an enriching university experience. To this end, we are committed to ensuring pupils visit at least one university every academic year. 

University of Oxford, March 2022

University of Sheffield, July 2019