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  • Open Event - 2 October 2021 (10:00-12:00)

    Published 23/08/21
    Successfully opening in September 2018, Mercia School has grown exponentially and will welcome its fifth year group in September 2022. Mercia has been hugely oversubscribed every year since we opened and we look forward to continuing the trend in 202
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  • Mercia School Open Days 2019

    Published 10/09/19
    Saturday 28th September 2019 10am - 12pm Sunday 29th September 2019 10am - 12pm Monday 30th September 2019 6pm - 8pm All events will take place at Mercia School. Please come and find out abo
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  • The Benefits of Quizzing and Low-Stakes Testing

    Published 03/04/19

    Adam Brown, Head of Mathematics, shares his thoughts on why quizzing and low-stakes testing has a really positive impact on pupil's learning, self-esteem and confidence levels. 

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  • Mercia School Diaries: Ben Drury (Head of French)

    Published 21/02/19
    I’ve taught French around the country. I’ve loved every single school I’ve worked in for myriad reasons. Sometimes it’s the colleagues: against adversity there’s a “us against the world” mentality that knits
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  • Mercia Moments Christmas Showcase - Total Respect and Pride

    Published 21/12/18
    I have just arrived home from a really magical evening. Our ‘Mercia Moments Christmas Showcase’ was everything I hoped it would be. It was like the Royal Variety, just with less ventriloquists and acrobats! Oh… and no Prince Harry.
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  • Our Open Events - No Frills!

    Published 02/10/18
    On 29 September – 01 October, we hosted three Open Events for prospective families considering which school would be right for their child in September 2019.  I would like to place on record my thanks to families considering Mercia School,
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  • Mercia School Open Events

    Published 13/09/18
    Saturday 29th September 2018                               Sunday 30th September 2018 Monday 1st October 2018 10:00 - 12:00 10:00 - 12:00
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  • Our Building

    Published 23/07/18

    We are really proud of our new building. Click here to view some images.

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  • Meeting Our Pupils

    Published 10/07/18

    Recruiting Differently

    At Mercia School we recruit differently. We believe in early appointments and work hard to create an environment where staff morale is high and staff turnover is rare.

    We want to hear from teachers who believe in the education Mercia School offers. 

    Our vacancies will be advertised on the TES, school social media and on this page (see below). Additionally, we will directly email any person that wishes to be on our distribution list for recruitment. Please email if you wish to be added to this list.

    For September 2021, we are likely to recruit the following positions:

    • Teacher of English
    • Teacher of Mathematics
    • Teacher of Science
    • Teacher of French
    • Teacher of Physical Education
    • Teacher of Art and Design
    • Teacher of Religious Education 
    • Teacher of Computer Science

    Quick Apply 

    Mercia School is in a stage of rapid growth and expansion. We currently have Year 7, 8 and 9 and are moving towards recruitment with GCSEs and A-levels in mind. This means there will be plenty of opportunities to work with us, seize promotions and develop professionally. 

    Please read our Are We Right For You? page before applying. 

    Please use the ‘Quick Apply’ online form below to register your interest in the role you have seen advertised. Once submitted, the form will be sent to the school for consideration. Candidates who meet the requirements of the role will be invited to visit the school and asked to complete our full application form prior to the shortlisting process.

    Current Vacancies

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  • Meeting the Parents…

    Published 09/07/18

    Meeting the parents can be a daunting prospect, in any scenario! Parents and families all want the best for their children and therefore have a certain right to question, challenge and ensure they are happy with those involved in the care of their children. The initial meetings between families and a new secondary school is an incredibly important starting point for navigating the journey ahead, and it’s been a privilege to start that journey with our new Mercia families these last few weeks.

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