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The Mercia Medical School

Many Mercia pupils aspire to study medicine, dentistry and veterinary science at some of the world’s leading universities. We are very proud of their ambition and have no doubt that those joining us will hold equally impressive intentions.  

Part of the unique offer at Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form will include a bespoke system of support related to gaining admission to Medical and Dentistry university courses. The Medical School will consist of a team of dedicated experts who will support all pupils with the application and admissions process. A key sign of the Mercia Collegiate Sixth Form’s success will be multiple successful places on medical and dentistry degrees.  

The Medical School will offer pupils an exceptional level of support to pupils. Our intention will be to provide:  

  1. Work placements in Sheffield and the surrounding areas; based in hospitals, veterinary and dental practices. 
  1. BMAT & UCAT training delivered by experts (both in-house and external) who support pupils achieve exceptional scores. 
  1. Information and guidance on all the major medicine and dentistry schools 
  1. Panel and interview practice, led by medics and undergraduates who either sit on interviewing panels or have a deep knowledge of the process. 
  1. Lectures delivered by undergraduates studying at leading universities providing application support/advice and insight into the key topics/issues facing the NHS and medical/dental profession. 
  1. Routine visits by Medicine/Dentistry Admission Tutors to provide pupils with information and guidance on how to make a competitive application. 
  1. Opportunities to participate in weekly events run by the Medical Society and Dental Society. 
  1. Weekly Oxbridge tutorials for pupils applying to study medicine at Oxford or Cambridge.